who carries a transformational apostolic anointing, evidenced by prophetic
declaration,strong Holy Spirit demonstration, miracles and healings
around the globe and cutting edge revival-based media.

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Ryan LeStrange
Ryan LeStrangeThursday, August 27th, 2015 at 3:00am

“Tell my people to decree: Clear pathways! Many are being hindered and opposed on their journey. I have called them to remain in forward motion and advance yet the enemy is obstructing their path. He is releasing distraction, discouragement and confusion! He...

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Ryan LeStrange
Ryan LeStrangeThursday, August 27th, 2015 at 1:46am

Faith, authority & bold/strong resistance breaks the grip of a spiritual attack & releases victory! Don't give in--keep standing.

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    Dr. Norvel Hayes

    I have known Dr. Ryan LeStrange for over twenty years, since he first came to attend New Life Bible College.  At that time he distinguished himself by his diligence in seeking the things of God.  We were able to observe his giftings continue to develop when after graduation he became the Administrator of our Bible […]

    Pastor Chris Mathis

    Ryan Lestrange is such an amazing person and gift to the body of Christ. His hunger for Jesus is contagious and so is his passion for revival. I have had Ryan in my church and we have ministered together on the road and every time he preaches miracles follow and lives get transformed; but what […]

    T.L Lowery

    Dr. Ryan LeStrange is an anointed Apostle and Prophet whom God has raised up and equipped.  Ryan believes, as I do, that the first two ministries given in the fivefold list are foundational to the Church becoming all that God wants her to be. I have been personally blessed to see the Holy Spirit impart […]

    Jeremiah Johnson

    I remember the very first time I saw Ryan minster in a public meeting. His accuracy and gifting were very evident from the response of the crowd, but His hunger to see God move among the people is what touched me the most. The demonstrations of power and miracles that I witnessed that night have […]

    Jennifer LeClaire

    Ryan LeStrange has a passion for God that will stir hunger in your heart to go deeper. With apostolic authority and prophetic clarity, Ryan fans the flames of revival and operates in a powerful anointing that heals the sick and sets the captives free. With Ryan, what you see is what you get. He’s as […]